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Saturday, 15 October 2011

What A Week

Well I have to say I'm glad that this week is over. What started off as a good week went down hill really quickly. On Tuesday at 5.15am my youngest son Tommy came into my bedroom and told me that Joshua was making funny noises, I'm so glad the noise woke Tommy up. I rushed into their room and Josh was having a seizure, and with him being on his front he was smoothering himself, I tried to put him on his side with no luck, he's 14 and small for his age, he has global developmental delay and autism, and he was a dead weight. So my husband had managed to pull him over while I phoned for an ambulance, which I have to say they got here within 5 mins and where brilliant with Josh, by which time Josh was coming round from his seizure, but poor Josh didn't have a clue who we where or what was happening to him, which is heartbreaking. He's ok now and back to his old self and we're now waiting for an appointment for him to have an EEG which is not something we're looking forward to as he doesn't like his head being touched and he'll lash out.
The only let down was the aftercare we recieved at the hospital, Josh was given a examination when he went onto the childrens ward and afterwards was put into the play area and because having a seizure can leave you tired and all you want to do is sleep there was no bed or anything that he could lay down on. So when we got home we both went to bed totally exhausted. Sorry about the long post.

Here are my lovely sons Joshua, Tommy and me in Spain, I love this photo.
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Mina said...

omg Sharon that is so scarey what a terrible time, the aftercare at the hospital is terrible...I hope your all over the shock now and that the ECG goes well
Mina xxx